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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 9:29 PM

"I'm very proud of Jason's accomplishments in the worlds of professional music and pedagogy. During our studies together at USC, he showed himself to be a talented, earnest student and hard worker. Now that he's out in the real world, he's making a real contribution to our musical community. I applaud your good work, Jason, with best wishes!" 

 ~ Peter Erskine, Jazz Drummer

“Jason Lee Bruns is a very well trained and versatile musician who brings commitment and a contagious enthusiasm to everything he is involved in.”

~Alan Estes, Studio Percussionist

“Jason Lee Bruns is an extremely talented drum set player and total percussionists. Just when I thought I’d heard everything he played, he would surprise me with something new, constantly learning more and honing his craft, which I found very inspiring. When I heard his track ‘Free-Up’ for the first time I though it was myself playing. His looseness and musicality are impressive and it is evident that he has a deep understanding of many musical styles.”

~Terri Lyne Carrington, Jazz Drummer 

"After having attended my first concert for the steel band and percussion ensembles at Campbell Hall, I'm very happy to go on record saying that it's obvious to me that Jason Lee Bruns has done more than an excellent job at getting a first rate performance and educational experience from his junior high and high school students. Not only the students with musical experience but the relatively uninitiated kids as well. He's very good at his job."

~Mike Post, Composer

“I became aware of Jason when he began teaching at my daughter's school, Campbell Hall. The already good music program there suddenly became even better after being infused with his amazing energy and excellence.  I feel fortunate that my daughter has been influenced by a musician of his caliber.  I soon discovered that beyond being an inspirational and exciting teacher, he is also an impressive performer and composer in his own right.  Since I myself am a musician, I know the real deal when I see it.  Jason Lee Bruns is the real deal!”

~ George S. Clinton, Film Composer