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"Providing the listener
with fresh, new sounds
and rhythms..."
~ Music Man
Jason Lee Bruns - The Egrem Session

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Play Track Gandinga, Mondongo Y Sandunga
(Frank Emilio, arr. Jason Lee Bruns, BMI)

Performers (in score order):
Jesús Fuentes Aldama - soprano sax
Barbara Rose Olorenshaw – violin
Julio Valdrés Iventez – piano
Pedro Ordóñez Padrón - bass
Jason Lee Bruns - drumset
Pedro Alvarez - timbales
Ivette Gonzales Kessel - congas

This Cuban-Jazz single, produced by Jason Lee Bruns, was recorded in Havana Cuba at the famous Egrem Studio 101 (where "Buena Vista Social Club" was filmed & recorded) and features an all-star cast of Cuba's best musicians.

Watch video from session