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JLB Jazz Collective
"Providing the listener
with fresh, new sounds
and rhythms..."
~ Music Man
JLB Jazz Collective - 45 RPM
jlb 45rpm

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Play Track Waltz for Desmond (Jason Lee Bruns, BMI)
Play Track Commuter's Lament (Jason Lee Bruns, BMI)

Zane Musa - alto sax (side A)
Rory Mazzela - saxophones (side B)
Dr. Jason Gamer - flügelhorn & trumpets
Jacques Voyemont - trombone (side A))
John Morgan - trombones (side B)
Bill Zimmerman - piano
Dr. Angelo Metz - guitar
Dale Black - upright bass
Jason Lee Bruns - drum set

Waltz for Desmond is dedicated to saxophonist Paul Desmond, who wrote Take Five from Dave Brubeck's "Time Out," an album featuring different time signatures for each song. Like Take Five, Waltz for Desmond is a jazz waltz in 5/4, with a solo section in 4/4, and a coda in mixed meter (6/4 + 5/4). Commuter's Lament is an experimental piece for big band. Also employing various meters, this programmatic composition uses contemporary soundscapes to tell the story of a driver braving the notorious traffic of Los Angeles.