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"Providing the listener
with fresh, new sounds
and rhythms..."
~ Music Man
L.A. Caribbean Ensemble - Lace

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  Steaming (Pandora)
Play Track Angelina (Irving Burgie, arr. Jason Lee Bruns)
Play Track You are the Sunshine of My Life
(Stevie Wonder, arr. Jason Lee Bruns)
Play Track Autumn Leaves (Johnny Mercer, arr. Jason Lee Bruns)
Play Track One Love (Bob Marley, arr. Jason Lee Bruns)

John Twiford - vocals
Jason Lee Bruns - lead pan & latin percussion
Dan Savell - double pans
Tim Archer - electric bass
Jeff Friedl - drum set

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Founded, led and produced by Jason Lee Bruns "Lace" is the premier recording of the L.A. Caribbean Ensemble: "Southern California's premier event band - where Urban Meets Island." This Enhanced CD features a music-mentary with video footage from the recording of the E.P. and footage from a live show.

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