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Jason Lee Bruns - Where I'm Going
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by Jason Lee Bruns (BMI)

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Bruns had fun recording this improvised track as he experimented mixing some of his influences from his studies in Cuba, Brazil, and Trinidad with the urban influences of the quite different techno scene in Los Angeles. By multi-track recording the steel drum, bongos, drum set, shaker, electric bass, piano, guitar, vibraslap, timbales, cowbells, and midi-synths Bruns makes a one man band. Bruns' stellar vocals and genius lyrics are perhaps the most intriguing part which turn into an impromptu blues inspired scat solo at the end of the song.
Bruns never planned for the song to turn into anything as he was just messing around with his first home recording rig which ended up turning into an all-nighter of jamming; just Bruns, his instruments, a couple of mics, and pro-tools... This fun and silly track which has actually been played on FM Radio is what resulted - hilarious!