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JLB with Gordy Knudtson (drummer for Steve Miller Band, author of “Open-Closed” technique) Andy Garcia, JLB, John Shanks (at a JLB Collective show) JLB with J.K. Simmons (Fletcher from “Whiplash”) John Riley (Art of Bop Drumming author) & JLB Post Interview with Host Namdy Moweta at KPKF JLB with Steven Spielberg JLB with Randy Jackson JLB & Glenn Hughes (Bassist from Deep Purple) Red Carpet with the Band after Catalina Jazz Club Show - Hollywood, CA 
(L-R: Kevin Bachelder, Daniel Szabo, Kim Richmond, JLB, Angelo Metz, Jacques Voyemant) Catalina Jazz Club - Mahesh Balasooriya, Jacques Voyemant, Kim Richmond, Jason Gamer, Edwin Livingston, JLB, Angelo Metz UCLA - Terri Lyne Carrington & JLB JLB Quartet at City Club LA w/ Michael Cartwright (v,t), JLB (d), Edwin Livingston (b), Sam Barsh (p) JLB w/ Arturo Sandoval JLB w/ Stevie Wonder recording engineer, Gary Adante (Studio City, CA) JLB & musical director David Cambell back stage after our gig with Beck<BR>(Fox Studio's, Los Angeles, CA)  JLB & Hubert Laws (photo by Michelle Chua) JLB & Dennis Chambers JLB & Sergio Mendez (photo by Denise Malone) Rehearsing for a show with rock drumming legend Kenny Aronoff.	(photo by: Jim Whiting) JLB with super model Raquel Welch after his show at Vibrato Jazz Club 
	(photo by: Jim Whiting) Actor Blair Underwood at reception after a steel band performance. Heidi Swedberg (Actress on Seinfeld) and JLB pre “Sukey Jump Band” show. Louis Van Amstel (Dancing w/ the Stars) and JLB after a Salsa Band performance. JLB and Latin Grammy winning artist Poncho Sanchez back stage at Vitellos Jazz Club JLB and Jason Bonham discuss his father’s (John) influence on the rock drumming tradition Jason with Thelonious Monk drummer Roy Haynes at Catalina Jazz Club. JLB with Brazilian Pandeiro innovator Marcos Suzano at his studio in Brazil. JLB with cast from his USC Master Recital (L-R: Larry Williams, Zane Musa, Bill Brendle, Kevin Bachelder, JLB, Angelo Metz, John Belzaguy, Paul Young) (photo by: Courtney Smith) JLB and rest of   “Joyful Noises” cast including Mike Post, Joe Mantegna, Magic Johnson, Debby Boone, Ray Romano, Richard Karn.
	(photo by: Karen Richardson) JLB with “Rock & Soul Review” band including Brad Fernquist, Kenny Aronoff, Mike Post, John Shanks, Gary Grant, Debby Boone.
	(photo by: Karen Richardson) JLB at the mixing board in the control room at Egrem Studios in Havana Cuba. JLB in the live room tracking drums for a session, Hollywood CA
	(photo by: Jason Gamer) JLB recording drums in the live room at Egrem Studios, Havana Cuba JLB talking over the form of the song at recording session at Egrem Studio, Havana Cuba JLB recoding lead pan tracks for L.A. Caribbean Ensemble Album. JLB with Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro collaborating at Long Beach Carnival.
	(photo by: Jim Whiting) JLB  with reggae band Babylon Saints post Feel Good Film Festival performance, Hollywood CA. Curtain Call with 2x BBC jazz winner post show at Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood CA.
	(photo by: Lenny Pape) Post performance with famous painter Gronk, Pacific Palisades CA.
	(Photo by: Mischelle Thomas) JLB in front of Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood CA.
	(Photo by: Angelo Metz) JLB with Dr. Jason Gamer at premier of Commuter’s Lament recording, Pacific Design Center, Santa Monica CA
	(Photo by: Martin Mervel) Curtain Call after show at Catalina Jazz Club with Jacques Voyemant and Zane Musa, Hollywood CA.
	(Photo by: Lenny Pape) After “Music of Brazil” show at La Ve Lee jazz club with Samba Dancers and Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, Studio City CA
	(Photo by: Gary Bruns)