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Djembe Lesson (Guinea, West Africa) JLB with Djembe teacher (Guinea, West Africa) Downtown Havana Cuba In front of the Floridita resaurante bar in Havana Cuba Conjunto Folklorico performance in Havana Cuba Conga de Comparsa performance in Old Havana Cuba Conjunto Folklorico studying with Master Drummer Alberto in Habana Cuba La Zorra El Cuervo Cuban-Jazz club in Havana Cuba Brazilian Musicians Union in Rio de Janeiro Brazil downtown Rio de Janeiro Brazil where I bought my Pandeiro in Brazil, biggest selection I’ve ever seen – wow! at Bar Bofetada in Ipanema Brazil with Chorinho band standing underneath the Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro Brazil jamming with locals the Alagria de Zona Sul samba school in Copacabana Brazil. the Trolley in Santa Teresa arts district in Brazil Sitting in with Chorinho Band at the famous Bip Bip in Copacabana Brazil. (Photo by Paulo Otavio) Mangueira Samba school in Brazil Escadaria Selarón steps in Rio de Janeiro (Snoop Dogg’s “Beautiful” and U2 have filmed here). Sambadrome in Brazil. This is where the largest Carnival parade in the world takes place. Entrance to Maracatu School in Olinda Brazil. Giant steel drum in Trinidad, Port of Spain Gil Panyard (factory) in Trinidad, Port of Spain